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Hi, I am Flora,

Global Brand & Communication Strategist for Impact.

I started out my career at Nike, where I discovered my passion for branding, which I then made my calling with a master's degree in International Marketing & Strategic Brand Management from a Top 100 university. For over a decade, I have been using this knowledge in the sustainability sector to ensure that impactful ideas and campaigns don't go unnoticed and that they are actually adding value for their target audiences.


Focusing on impact communications earned me the Guardian Sustainable Business Award for 'Communicating Sustainability' back in 2015 when my team and I developed the now world-wide known Climathon - the first-ever hackathon to engage citizens in climate change in a positive way. Since then, I have been crafting many brand strategies and communication campaigns - all with a focus on driving impact and positive change.

My business is built on my global network and vast experience of what it means to communicate in a way that is engaging, impactful, and creating tangible results across multiple audiences and countries. I am passionate to use my branding & marketing expertise to drive good business - one that is collaborative, innovative, and cares for people and the planet.


That's why I am striving to amplify your impact through effective brand positioning, memorable campaigns, as well as smartly integrated communications strategies. I speak six languages and have led brands in more than 60 countries on all five continents, so I can confidently support international initiatives, scaling of innovations, as well as brand adaptations.


Having worked in complex international multi-stakeholder environments, I am especially keen to work on the systemic level and support networks and international organizations to drive innovation and change even better. My clients include the WEF Covid Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, Ashoka, and the European Social Enterprise Network.

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